Wednesday Night is Back!

Daylight savings time has passed, we have “Sprung Forward” and Wednesday Night Tags are BACK! Locations available on the online calendar. Bookmark it to your smartphones! 

The first few Wednesdays will need to have a bit more organization. Try your best to be prompt. We will begin teeing off at 5:30 pm SHARP! We would rather finish a bit quick, then run out of daylight. It is important to be on time. We understand this may cause a few of you to possibly miss or be rushed, but the first 2-3 will need to be started on time.

With that being said, lets get scorecards started up. You know who you want to play with, you know your tag number, you also know we need erasable scorecards most rounds. Get your name on one and pass it around. Try to mix it up a bit and try to put newer players with more experienced players. Lets have a great season of disc golf everyone.

This Wednesday we kick off at Pleasantview DGC. Bring your tag and be there in time to tee off at 5:30 pm sharp.

Wednesday Night is Back!
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